Timothy Fisher
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artist's statement

I carved the first of my wooden animals, a rocking dog, in 1985 as a gift for my daughter Anna, then two years old. This was the first in a long sequence of creatures. My creatures animated people who had maintained a polite silence over my sculptural abstract furniture. The trash man and UPS driver took to checking in on my current carving; I enjoy myself while carving or painting, and it is a joy when others share my pleasure.

I lived six years of my childhood and early adulthood in Africa, which together with my parents' interest in African sculpture has had significant influence on my art. I have expanded this interest to a love of international folk art, which dominates the decor of my home.

Each sculpture is usually carved from a single log, though I feel free to add wood as necessary. I rough out the sculpture with a chain saw, and then do the majority of the shaping with carving chisels. If I want a smooth texture on the sculpture I next smooth with a power sander followed by hand sanding. I may decorate with paint or beads before a final finish with furniture oil.

My kids were very much a part of my work. When younger they crayoned on one end of a sculpture while I carved the other. Anna grew into a confident critic: "Dad, you really like weird things". When Nathaniel was four he commissioned a four animal functioning merry-go-round, which is available for free rides at my gallery.

I have been making carved wood sculptures since the late 1960s. The paintings were a new departure for me in 2003; prompted initially by my wanting to spend a period of the Vermont winter in Mexico. I wanted to continue making art during that period, but attempting to take home wood sculptures on the airplane seemed overwhelming. Paintings were an exciting change and much more portable. I built a cottage facing the Caribbean (available for rental) including a small studio from which I can observe the sea, a tiny street side tropical garden, and the lively Mexican street activity. You will probably recognize Mexican and Guatemalan fabrics along with those from the U.S.A. and Asia in my work.

The acrylic paints, fabrics and papers are painted or glued to art canvas. These are often cut out separately, arranged together and glued down to the full size painting. I have the freedom of rearranging, discarding, or remaking the individual elements. Sometimes the end result is quite different than I had originally anticipated.

I have worked as a furniture maker, art teacher, house designer/builder, maple syrup farmer and blown glass ornament designer. I have written two juvenile how-to building books and a book on vegetable gardening. I live in a stone house I built myself in Cornwall, Vermont - a beautiful location with views across fields, ponds, orchards and to the Adirondacks, which can be visited along with my gallery by appointment.

Open Saturdays 10 to 5, May to November. As my gallery, studio and merry-go-round are at the same location as my home, I'm happy to open the gallery at your convenience, by appointment. The Gallery is closed January 1st to March 15th, though I can be contacted by email.

email • phone 802-462-2509 • visit Timothy Fisher Gallery, 727 Fisher Road, Cornwall, VT 05753